A Couple Questions For You..


How many of you are willing to lose the biggest giver in the church rather than preach a diluted Gospel?

This is the dilemma we are facing today. So many Pastors now COMPROMISE their God given responsibility and gifts simply because they are afraid of offending someone, worried that the biggest giver won't show up at their church anymore, or concerned that their CHECKS will get smaller...


Pastors ...Instead of concerning yourself with the popularity of your messages you should FEAR that they are NOT OF GOD!  

In my humble opinion, one of the biggest distractions we face is our focusing on decisions for Christ and the chasing of "Potential Members". When this happens, we take away from the body of Christ instead of adding to it.

The church should NEVER be about "COLLECTING FANS" or making "DECISIONS" . It should always be about repentance and trust in JESUS CHRIST.  A few years ago a gallop poll was done. In one year (in a mainline denomination ) 294,000 decisions to follow Christ were made. Amazing,right? One year later only 14,000 were still walking in faith -- FOLKS DO YOU HEAR THAT --95% FELL AWAY.  What's wrong with this picture?.... A DILUTED GOSPEL HAS ENTERED IN

Pastors ...LOOK AT THE CONDITION OF THIS WORLD AND THE CHURCH  and then ask yourself --- "Is my message Diluted?" or "Do I preach to itching ears?"